Month: January 2016

Posting Original Content: More?

So as I’ve been creating posts for this blog, it’s come to my attention that between my meets, cyber slaves, thoughts/observations, web finds, tips, reader submissions, and me getting tied up personally, I have quite a bit of original content, and it’s really starting to back up.  Currently, I’m posting original content on weekends only, but I feel I need at least one other day.

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I’ll be leaving this poll up here all week; scroll down for the usual updates.

TFG Thoughts:  The Future of Pups?

TFG Thoughts: The Future of Pups?

A disclaimer to this entire post:  remember that my husband and myself and semi “outsiders” to the kink community, meaning that we are not actively engaged in it beyond online scanning.  We have never gone to a real meet, such as IML, MAL, CLAW, etc, nor do we frequent leather bars or anything of the like.  We pretty much keep to ourselves, and explore kink sites online.  I suppose between the two of us, I’m the more active one, and have gone as far as to have occasional one on one meets and cyber slaving.

That said, he brought up pups.  He’s been seeing them a lot online, and was wondering about them.  I’ve personally noted it is a substantial trend, but that I myself have no serious experience in it.  But based on my own observations, I’ve noticed that pups are generally (and emphasis on the word generally–I realize there are exceptions):

  • Young, typically twinks
  • Thin
  • Inexperienced, but very eager to learn
  • Interested in exploring various kinks, but seek guidance


I’m curious to know if others feel my observations are on par, and if I’ve missed any.  I’ll also note that as the scene grew, pups often grew attached to each other (which makes perfect sense… they are all in the same tribe, so to speak), forming what are now known as packs.  Which has developed into their own dynamic, which seems pretty unique to each pack.

We both had a couple of questions.  1)  Where do they get the money to pay for the pup hood, tail, harness, etc.?, and 2)  What will happen to these pups as they grow older?

I’ll confess I honestly don’t quite know the answer to #1.  When I was younger, I remember scrimping and saving just to get my first set of restraints from a local adult store.  Yet many pups (at least online) seem to be fairly fully stocked with gear.  I suspect they’re being gifted or on loan from their handler/Master/Dom.

I think question #2 is a more interesting one.  Pups eventually grow up, and the scene is so new and young, we haven’t seen that happen yet.  What will this evolve to?

I have my own opinions.  One, I feel that eventually pups would evolve into being handlers.  They entered the scene to explore what they did and did not like in terms of kink, and after a period of time, they’ll have developed their own interests and perhaps grow away from their pup identity.  But they may feel obligated to “pass the leash” so to speak and educate the next generation of pups.

I also feel a good number will eventually “outgrow” the pup identity, and by then move on to their more specific interests:  bondage, feet, piss, slave, etc.  And I’m sure a good number will continue to identify as “pup” even as they age.  Not sure how that will go.

What do you think the future of pups will be?

TFG Exclusive:  BondageandSocks & Mike, Part 2

TFG Exclusive: BondageandSocks & Mike, Part 2

From the clothed, tied 69 pose, I put BondageandSocks under the chair, and Mike sitting above with his socked feet tied to his face.  Mike is wearing a leather blindfold and later adjustable tit clamps.

BondS (15) BondS (16) BondS (17) BondS (18) BondS (19) BondS (20) BondS (21) BondS (22) BondS (23)

BondS (25)

Couldn’t resist sneaking in my own foot…


But am I through with them yet?  Not by a longshot!  Much, much more to come…

TFG Slave Sampler

TFG Slave Sampler

It seems my cyber Doming has been in high demand lately.  Had a small period where I had a number of slaves all trying to please me at the same time.  I’m only please when I see them degrade themselves.

First, LL_slavej was punished and ordered to tie up all 10 of his toes.  Love this pic.

File Nov 25, 3 58 28 PM


Another little bitch loves to be called a foot fag.  I had him stuff his used and smelly sock in his mouth for my amusement.  He thanked me for the privilege.

File Nov 25, 3 58 39 PM

Finally, a new slave (perhaps one I will get to meet in the future) please me by sending a pic of his soles.  This 29 year old bitch is begging to be tied up and used like a slut.  Let’s hope it happens.

File Nov 25, 4 00 32 PM

And if you didn’t see on my twitter, I have a new 18 yo twink eager slave who already knows his place.  We’ll be seeing more of him later.

5 IMG_9096

In fact, I have so much cyber slave items to share, I’ll be using most Sundays to post them.  Henceforth to be known as Cyber Sundays.  Lots of hot, original content pics coming this way!

TFG Exclusive:  BondageandSocks & Mike, Part 1

TFG Exclusive: BondageandSocks & Mike, Part 1

BondageandSocks (24 yo) contacted me and asked for his first kink experience outside his partner.  To make him more comfortable, he asked if he could bring his partner Mike along, and wondered if I could tie them up together.  I rarely get requests to tie up two guys together, so who I am to turn that down?  Though I do not consider myself a rope expert by any means, I didn’t want to pass up such an opportunity.

We began with them being clothed and hogtied next to each other, which then quickly became a bit more kinky.  I used locking restraints on BondageandSocks (black shoes, redish shirt).  Those shoes were quickly removed and shoved into each of their faces.

BondS (1) BondS (2) BondS (3) BondS (4) BondS (5) BondS (6) BondS (7) BondS (8) BondS (9) BondS (10) BondS (11) BondS (12) BondS (13) BondS (14)

And this is just the beginning! Lots more to come…

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4