Top Posts of 2015, #1: Pasha Hogtied & Barefoot

Happy New Year! And here’s my #1 post of the year. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. In fact, it dates back to the days when I was still using blogspot–hence why the pics are a bit smaller, and may not open up in the lightbox feature.

Pasha has been popular for quite a while. He actually contacted me via the blog, and sent me some pics with permission to post them. I never got to meet him in person (I had the impression he was Russian), but I thought he was incredibly hot then, and still do. Over time he sent me quite a few sets, including a few of he and his boyfriend (I never posted those, as he asked me to keep them private, which I have). He seemed to know his feet were sexy, and enjoyed sending me pics of him showing off his feet.  For quite a while, he was exclusively found only on this blog–though thanks now to tumblr, his pics got spread pretty fast (though not always with credit).

Sadly, after a fairly lengthy correspondence and many pics sent my way, he basically sort of disappeared, and I really don’t know what’s become of him. Pity, as he clearly was a very, very popular model. He went on to create his own profile on DeviantArt for a time, but that hasn’t been updated in nearly a year or more. Wherever he’s at, I wish him the best, and being the #1 post of 2015 even after the original posted in 2012 really says something!


Because that’s how he should be all the time, right?

I do love the detail of the hand bondage.

Now, due to his popularity, I’ve decided to tag the hotter pics. A few have already been appearing around on tumblr, and I just want to make certain proper credit is due. 😉

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