TFG Vegas Update

Been very busy over the holiday with friend and family obligations, but the husband and I did manage a short get away to Las Vegas.  We went mostly to relax and have some time to ourselves, so we weren’t looking for any meets.  Though it is always fun to check both Recon and Grindr while there… with so many tourists, it’s not uncommon to find profiles within 100s of feet away from you, even if you’re in your room.

We didn’t have any kinky fun on this trip at all, but we did eat very well.  I’ve learned of a trick for the Bellagio Buffet that works great if you’re in a small group or solo.  You can skip the entire line, just go directly through the exit, and find the bar in the center of the buffet.  There’s seating for 12.  Typically, there’s always 1 or 2 seats available, if not more.  If you can find an empty seat, you can take it immediately and begin eating away!  You just pay the bartender directly.  If all the seats are taken, just tell the bartenders.  They’ll usually tell you to step aside for a few minutes until someone finishes.  Best yet, obviously you can get your drinks immediately as well!  I’ve been doing this trick for at least the last 3 years, and we easily saved ourselves at least an hour or more line.  As far as I know, it only works at the Bellagio (if anyone knows other buffets it works at, let me know), but fortunately, that’s one of the better ones.  The only other buffet with a trick is the one at Paris, which is the only buffet in Vegas I know of that can be reserved on Open Table.  The very popular sidewalk cafe Mon Ami Gabi can also be reserved on Open Table.  And one of the best off Strip places I’ve found is a tapas place called FireFly.  Excellent food.

Of course, you didn’t visit this blog for food recommendations, but I couldn’t resist.  In terms of a bit of kink, I saw Zumanity at New York New York.  Now, I’ve actually seen it once before.  But that time I was alone, and my husband hadn’t seen it.  Since it’s also one of the cheaper Cirque shows, I didn’t mind seeing it again.  I was glad I did.  I forgot exactly how raunchy that show is.  Very sexual, and lots of strong language.  And compared to other Cirque shows, the feeling is intimate… even the furthest seats from the stage aren’t really that far off.  But the biggest surprise is that they’ve amped up the “man candy” and gay overtones since I saw the show last.  Previously, I reviewed that the show was largely female, nearly 90% of the content.  I think I would now estimate the male content at about 60%, if not more.  The promotional pics below should convince you.

1440781547-cirquedusoleil_Zumanity_Chains_tickets new-york-new-york-zumanity-hand-to-hand.tif.image.1440.550.high poles Zumanity_CDS zumanity11

The guy with the chain and other one with the pole are the new (to me) acts since I saw it last.  They seem to really like the guy on the chain; that pic is currently plastered all over Vegas.  The final pic is the drag queen host, who is fabulous and role has increased since I saw the show last.  If you do sit in the lower orchestra, you definitely do run the risk of being asked to interact (especially the front row). Don’t get me wrong, you will see some women and bare breasts.  But the show is much, much more gay friendly now than it was before.

If you do go see it, be sure to wander the very small lobby area at about 15-20 minutes before the show.  They have sexy cast members walking around and posing, like you see below.  And you are encouraged to interact with them.  They may interact with you.


Don’t get too swept away, there’s also a pretty funny pre-show in the main stage itself, so get there early.

Zumanity is also pretty famous for it’s gift show.  It does sell some adult gear, but if you’re a reader of this blog, most of it is equivalent to what you’d find at a typical adult store (though it’s still a bit odd seeing even that in this setting).  But they do have this shirt, which I obviously couldn’t resist.


If you can’t see the show, but still want this shirt, apparently this is one of the few Cirque gift shops that doesn’t open during the day.  It only opens on show nights (it’s dark Sunday and Monday) at 5:30pm, closing at 11:30).  So you have a limited window to shop.  They also have a shirt that makes it look like you’re wearing a leather harness.  I already have one, and it’s clearly more for comedic purposes, but I think many blog readers would find it amusing.  The shirt below is not it, but similar in vibe, only even a bit more cartoonish (sorry I didn’t get a pic of the real shirt).


We also surprised ourselves by getting into the club Omnia at Ceasar’s Palace, one of the top clubs in Vegas, if not the country.  It was quite an ordeal getting in–there was a 90 minute line, and that was after we were already put on a Guest List earlier that day.  But oddly enough, we ended up getting in for free (got lucky!) and the club was fun to see.  We’re not really club people, we were there more for the spectacle.  If you ever do go, expect a very long wait, and huge, huge crowds once inside.

Strangely enough, we didn’t gamble one bit.  We’re not big gamblers anyway, but we were so busy seeing the shows, eating, and shopping (we spent quite a bit on new clothes and using holiday gift cards, lol), gambling didn’t even come up.  We do love visiting Vegas because it’s such an easy escape, and the hotels, if you go at the right time, can be very cheap (even the nice ones).  Probably won’t be back until at least the summer if we go at all, but I’m sure we will be eventually.

Oh, and on a separate note, I’ve been getting a ton of new twitter followers.  I’ve now topped 600!  If you aren’t already, please follow me there.  I’ve been posting quite a few cyber slave and preview pics there, including my new header pic there.

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