TFG Slave Sampler

It seems my cyber Doming has been in high demand lately.  Had a small period where I had a number of slaves all trying to please me at the same time.  I’m only please when I see them degrade themselves.

First, LL_slavej was punished and ordered to tie up all 10 of his toes.  Love this pic.

File Nov 25, 3 58 28 PM


Another little bitch loves to be called a foot fag.  I had him stuff his used and smelly sock in his mouth for my amusement.  He thanked me for the privilege.

File Nov 25, 3 58 39 PM

Finally, a new slave (perhaps one I will get to meet in the future) please me by sending a pic of his soles.  This 29 year old bitch is begging to be tied up and used like a slut.  Let’s hope it happens.

File Nov 25, 4 00 32 PM

And if you didn’t see on my twitter, I have a new 18 yo twink eager slave who already knows his place.  We’ll be seeing more of him later.

5 IMG_9096

In fact, I have so much cyber slave items to share, I’ll be using most Sundays to post them.  Henceforth to be known as Cyber Sundays.  Lots of hot, original content pics coming this way!

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