Future of Pups: Responses

If you missed it, a while ago, I posted an article about The Future of Pups.  I got this insightful response from Sparkles J Dog:

Hi there! So, your observations about most common puppy appearances are on par to an extent. It mostly depends on the blogs that reblog puppy pics: generally, they go for the twink-ish pups. But pups are extremely varied when you go to an event in an area with lots of pups. My Daddy and I went to one recently and there was a ton of variety: large burly pups, skinny twinkish pups, and everything in between. What is seen online isn’t really that representative unless you do some more digging (puppy pun intended!).

As for gear, it is expensive and unfortunately the most common thing people, especially new pups are exposed to, is that the gear makes the pup. So, many pups feel they need to spend a ton of money all at once–or over time–on the hood, the tail, the mitts, etc. because they want to be a puppy like everyone else. What isn’t talked about much on the most common blogs–much like the physical appearances I talked about before–is that being a puppy can be summed up pretty easily with, “do you feel like a puppy?” If yes, then great! You’re a pup, regardless of how much or how little gear you have. Unfortunately, that idea isn’t really talked about much by the most popular blogs pups are likely to see.

Similarly, actually, this relates to the second question about a pup “growing up”. Pup play is a bit of a misnomer. I get this question a lot on my tumblr from puppies in their 30s or 40s asking me if I thought puppy play by older guys was acceptable or not. And, honestly, you can be a pup regardless of age. When you think “pup” you think young because a bio-dog that’s considered a puppy is young and eventually grows up. I know at least one pup in his 50s and still pups out all the time at home or events. And he’s been doing puppy play for quite some time (puppy play is gaining a lot of popularity recently, but the concept isn’t new, though I can’t place an exact decade, but at the very least early 90s). But when you see him he’s as active and energetic as pups in their 20s. It’s all about the mindset.

It’s always nice when someone not familiar with the community reaches out to learn more about it rather than being judgmental about it or just work from assumptions, so I’m super happy to talk about it! Puppy play is such a fun kink because it’s one that’s always energetic and kind of breaks the idea that kink is super serious all the time. It’s a fun community so I’m glad you’re interested in learning about it ^_^

On a different note, by overwhelming response, I’d like to begin posting more original content on Wednesdays when possible.  I guess that means today is the first post of that kind!  So glad most of you agreed, because I was thinking of that day as well.  I won’t always necessarily have something original to post on that day, but when I do, I’ll add it.  I’m hoping you’ll enjoy more additional, original content.  I mean, I do love all the sexy bondage and feet pics on tumblr, but let’s be honest… after a while, they all start to look alike, or you run into the same ones over and over again.

In fact, next week on this day, I’ll be posting about a fun little bondage DIY project I did that you can easily replicate and perhaps use yourself.  Stay tuned!

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