TallGlassofOJ: Barefoot and in Karate

TallGlassofOJ has been someone I have a minor crush on for quite a while.  He’s into a variety of gear (among other things), so this set has him in a karate uniform, a particular fetish of his.  But also barefoot, and that’s the most important thing to me, lol.  Posted with his permission, and please visit his tumblr here to see video of him escaping the squat tie–which was done by Kinky Daemon, another bondage/foot crush of mine.  Knowing these too met without me fills me with all sorts of jealousy.  [Update:  TGOJ also informed me that Kambani on Recon also contributed to the ropework.]

In any case, his feet in the hogtie pics have made me cum more than a few times.

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