Screen Caps

The cable channel Chiller is an interesting one.  I like horror movies in general, so I don’t mind watching.  But it gets mostly second rate films with plodding plots–but for some reason, often quite a bit of eye candy and sometimes fun bondage.

This movie was called The Tooth Fairy.  Yes, I’m serious.  But it seems to know it’s place.  It has some very gratuitous male shirtlessness and bondage.  For those who are sensitive, though, do know that he’s tied to a board that is headed for a very unfortunate place and he definitely doesn’t survive.  To soften the blow, I’ve included some of the aforementioned gratuitousness at the end.

Note:  pics are blurry because I just take a picture of our television screen.  It’s the best I can do.  If you want better, seek out the movies yourself.

IMG_9181 IMG_9182 IMG_9183 IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9186 IMG_9187

Ran into another odd movie called Starve.  It has this interesting mummification scene.

starve01 starve02 starve03 starve04 starve05 starve06 starve07 starve08

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