PAW_ss gets humiliated by his own humiliation

So I had an interesting experience while traveling.  PAW_ss had some time to play, but I was in the middle of a layover at the airport.  But I couldn’t pass up an opportunity, so I ordered him around anyway.

I had recently posted about one of our latest sessions to my blog, and he had written me about how humiliating it was for him to see it online, for the world to see.  So I ordered him to tie himself up, gag himself with a used sock, and jerk himself off while looking at his own post (which you can find here and here).  But I wasn’t quite through with him, as you can see here.

File Nov 25, 3 58 48 PM File Nov 25, 3 59 00 PM File Nov 25, 3 59 10 PM File Nov 25, 3 59 24 PM File Nov 25, 3 59 34 PM File Nov 25, 3 59 45 PM

I will say, it made the plane ride for me much more relaxing, knowing that as I flew, there was a straight guy out there torturing himself for my pleasure.

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