Disappearing Act

Watch that cock disappear… right down that twink slave mouth and throat.

CLtnY7aWcAAGksb.jpg large COuIZ15W8AQomkg.jpg large CPgcaWzUYAEn1ic.jpg large CXn3xKNWMAAMule.jpg large CZt7dYeUsAAdY-k.jpg large enzo-peter003 george-scott-005 jack-will-001 jaylon-swen003 nathan-ryan002 tumblr_mpt2li0zHo1rue5qno1_500 tumblr_nsv2f1pN2T1rtjxk5o1_r1_1280 Cbk--4PUsAQYBMq.jpg large CK0vyDLVAAAC_W8.jpg largeFor the slaves next act… they will make that hard cock disappear.  Down their throat.


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