TFG Thoughts: Recon Cruises

I imagine that many of us that read this blog have a profile on Recon somewhere.  And on occasion, I get cruises.

Not sure why, but I’m beginning to get a lot more cruises than I used to.  It goes in cycles, but it’s definitely on the increase.  Which is, quite naturally, very flattering.  But I guess I use the “Cruise” button a little differently than most.  For me, if I cruise someone, it’s someone that I wouldn’t mind meeting in person.  It could be a scene, or just social.  And largely for that reason, I don’t cruise people unless they’re geographically near me, or I’ll be traveling to their area.

Because that’s my point of view, I tend to get a bit confused when I get cruises from people hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, and in other countries, who, unless they haven’t updated their travel plans, have no intention of being anywhere near me.  I suppose they are just being nice, and saying that they find my profile interesting.  And I do appreciate that.  But I’m never certain if I’d want to “cruise” them back, even if I did find their profile interesting.

It also partially makes me wonder how they even found my profile in the first place.  I suppose it’d be largely because of my blog, but most people don’t mention that to me on Recon (though many do).  And I know sometimes I’ve searched the “Friends” list of a profile of a person I found interesting, and that’s often taken me in interesting directions, finding people in unexpected places.

I guess it’s mainly just me taking cruises a bit more literally, I suppose.  But if you ever have cruised me, and I didn’t cruise back because you’re really far away from me… don’t take it personally.

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