Reader Submissions & Cyber Slaves

Got a few assorted pics to share from readers and cyber slaves of mine.  Hope you enjoy.

First off, got these pics with this info:

I am 35yo . master since 3 years. I like feet, bondage,chastity. He is 23 yo , with me since 1 year now. He’s 1.75cm tall, 70kg wg, slim , hairy. Now he’s in chastity since 15 days .
If you want to know something more, feel free to ask !

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I’ve asked for more pics… certainly hope they come my way!  Looks like there’s some very sexy feet there.

A small local guy I chat with… hope to meet up soon…

IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9396

And lastly, where would we be without our pathetic LL_slavej?  He shows us his true colors with this self-degrading pic.


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