SockBitchSlave learns his true place

We’re starting to see the true colors of SockBitchSlave.  He’s a real faggot.  Here’s the text from a cyber session we did.  With the exception of a few, most of the pics have been redacted by his request.  But believe me, he sent me many pics that were sexy as fuck.  Especially when he gagged himself with those rancid socks you see right away below.

IMG_9522 IMG_9525 IMG_9526 IMG_9527 IMG_9523IMG_9528IMG_9533 IMG_9538 IMG_9543 IMG_9544 IMG_9545 IMG_9546 IMG_9547 IMG_9548 IMG_9551 IMG_9552 IMG_9553 IMG_9554 IMG_9558 IMG_9559 IMG_9560 IMG_9561 IMG_9562 IMG_9563 IMG_9564 IMG_9565 IMG_9566 IMG_9568 IMG_9569

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