Scene, Interrupted

So I’ve been fortunate enough to have a small string of meets.  Now, because of privacy issues with my husband, I have to do meets at hotels.  Generally, this is not a problem for me, but it did recently result in a rather humorous instance.

In the middle of a scene, there was a knock on the hotel door.  This obviously caused me a bit of panic.  Would I be caught?  Were we in trouble?  It struck me as particularly unusual, because we hadn’t been particularly noisy.  This particular sub was more of the quiet type.  I did have some music playing, but not at a volume any louder than a TV.  That said, I had a ton of gear sitting around, and wasn’t looking forward to perhaps explaining myself and/or getting in some sort of trouble.

Fortunately, it was relatively early in the scene, and I was still fully clothed.  Even more fortunately, I had just released the sub from one position and was about to order him into the next.  He was in his underwear, though, so I hurriedly directed him to the bathroom while I readied myself to answer the door.  In all the times I’ve done scenes, this had never happened to me before.

When I answered, the man at the door appropriately asked if I had ordered a pizza.  He was carrying one in an insulated case, so he was legit.  I nearly cracked up, but managed to say no.  He seemed frustrated as if he had been punked, but there wasn’t much else he or I could do.

It was a pretty funny moment, and the closest I had ever become to being “caught”.  I’m sure many of you must have even more outrageous stories (I can only imagine at IML and the like), and if you’d like to share them, let me know!


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