TFG Exclusive: FagPig, Part 1

So a bit of a backstory on this slave.  He was pretty local to me, and we had actually meet before–but he didn’t want any pics taken of the sessions.  Normally, that’s a bit of a turn off for me, unless something unusual if offered.  And this guy was my first very much into raunch.  He was super turned on by the most rancid shoes, socks and feet, and soiled underwear.  He loved rimming, and being made to sniff farts.  And a hit of toilet play.

Not all of that was up my alley, but as I worked with him, I discovered it was fun to push myself to new places as well.  And this fagpig was really into my stinkiest, smelliest body odors.  I don’t meet many that can take my filthiest socks, so I was intrigued, and pushed my own envelope with him a bit.

On one of our final meets, he was convinced to allow me to take a few pics, provided he approved of the ones I’d post.  I agreed, and this is the result.  Hope you enjoy, because I know I did!

Now, if some of this is a bit much, the second set is a bit more tame.

Since I knew he was into body smells and unwashed clothes, I began with a treat for him.  I brought a full laundry basket that was full of multiple weeks worth of unwashed socks and underwear.  I tied him up and forced him to put his head inside it.  To further add insult to injury, I then sat on top of his face.  He liked it.

PLEASE NOTE:  This post contains some mild scat related content.

Gear used:  Collar, Leash (from a local pet store), and Blindfold Hood.

FagPig (1) FagPig (2)FagPig (3)

Then he got acquainted with one of my smelliest pair of shoes and socks.  He was also forced to lick the insoles, so he could fully appreciate their stink.

FagPig (4) FagPig (5) FagPig (6) FagPig (7)

Next, I took a dump with him tied up in front of me.  I then taped his head to the toilet so he knew he couldn’t escape it.  I put down the lid, let him breathe it all in (since his mouth was ducttaped shut, so he had to smell it), and flushed the toilet.  Oh, this is after I pissed all over his face and body.  Did I mention that?

.FagPig (8) FagPig (9)

More to see next week. It’ll be a bit less ranuchy, and more just bondage.

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