A Vegas Bus Ride…

Got this great message from a fan.  Part true, and part fantasy.  But let’s just have it speak for itself…


Let’s call me James and my ‘friend’ Robert. I was on vacation in Las Vegas with my friend last week and felt inspired by an incident that happened which sent my imagination racing. I thought I’d put it into words and you might want to post it on your fabulous blog. The first part is true then the fantasy follows…

Robert and I boarded the bus on a sunny afternoon in Las Vegas, heading back to our hotel for an afternoon nap and sat on the back seat. There were two other passengers and a middle aged male driver. The journey was quiet for a couple of stops, then a beautiful young tall male boarded the bus; he was aged around 25, baseball cap concealing some of his dark long hair, tanktop and shorts with flip-flops (sandals) exposing his beautiful feet. My eyes were immediately drawn to the stunningly perfect feet which I estimated were around size 14/15. I was quietly delighted that he chose to sit at the back so I had a great view of his amazing feet. He obviously looked after them well, perhaps better than you’d expect a ‘jock’ like him to.

The guy was very loud and manly, irritating the other passengers on the bus; he was talking on his cell phone very loudly, occasionally swearing. The other two passengers and Robert were rolling their eyes and complaining about his loudness. I was glancing over, pretending to be annoyed but really just wanting to stare at his beautiful feet and admire his masculinity. He was putting his feet up on the back of the seat in front giving me an amazing view of his tops, then he proceeded to place them on the floor and continuously push his feet in and out of his flip flops, I was rock hard.

That was all true, here’s where the fantasy begins…

The other two passengers got off the bus and our stop was coming up, Robert pressed the ‘Stop Request’ button. I said “I’ll stay on to the next stop and grab some sodas and snacks from the store, you go start your nap and I’ll be back at the hotel soon”. Robert agreed and departed the bus, leaving just me, the stud and his amazing feet. He continued to talk loudly on his cell-phone but now that only he and I were aboard the bus he took advantage of the extra room on the back seat and put his feet up, now effectively laying on the back seat, resting his back on the window. His soles were now in full view and just inches away from me, I couldn’t stop staring. He kept putting one leg over the other and switching, I was trying so hard to conceal my rock hard cock and the fact that I was staring.

He ended his cell-phone conversation and appeared to be looking at me. I looked away for a minute or so before looking back at his feet.

“What the fuck have you been staring at fag?”

I said nothing and looked straight ahead.

“Don’t fuckin’ ignore me”

I turned to look at him. “Hey man I don’t want any trouble”.

“Then you’d better fuckin’ answer me”.

“Look I’m sorry man”.

“Answer me fag”. He lifted his arms and bended them to show his muscles. “You like that pussy boy?”

“Look man I’m sorry”.

“You will be if you fuckin’ stare at me again”.

I looked straight ahead, a little scared but turned on. I couldn’t help but keep taking a peek at his beautiful feet that were so close by.

“Oh my fuckin’ god, I just worked it out, it’s not my guns you’re staring at, it’s my fuckin’ feet, you’re one of those foot fags”, he laughed seemingly uncontrollably. I said nothing.

He put his feet back on the floor and into his flip flops and nudged closer and closer to me until our sides were touching each other. “So you like my fuckin’ feet huh?” he said in my ear. “You don’t need to answer; your dick’s answering for you”.

I was so turned on but so scared at the same time, this gorgeous man was literally touching me, but he’d figured me out and I had nowhere else to turn, I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the situation either.

“Right then you little fuckin’ pervert, you better get on the floor under my feet where you belong”. I looked at him and glanced at the driver. “He won’t see you, if you don’t do it, I’ll go and tell him you’re a fag who likes real men’s feet”, he laughed hysterically.

I slowly eased myself on to the floor and lay on my back just in front of the back seat. He placed his feet, in his flip flops on me as though I were a foot rest, constantly crossing his legs and switching them. He placed a foot on my rock hard cock and pressed firmly. “I can’t believe your little fag dick is getting off on this”.

“You’d better clean my flip flops while you’re down there”. He placed one of his flip flops on my face and glared at me. I licked clean every inch of it as he laughed, then I had to move on to the next. “I can’t believe you fuckin’ did that”.

He placed the flip flops on the seat and firmly parked his bare feet on my face. “You make a good fag-rest boy, haha, you’d better clean my feet too”. I proceeded to lick every inch of his feet and suck all of his toes clean, they were so sweaty, I was in heaven, almost forgetting where I was and not caring that someone could board the bus at any minute and see this.

“Well this is my stop, that was fun bitch boy”, he laughed as he pressed the ‘Stop Request’ button. “Maybe I’ll see you again, I love putting a fag in his place”. He stood up and was about to head to the front of the bus when he stopped for a moment and turned, looked down at me on the floor staring up at him. He said “A little parting gift for you bitch boy” and spat on my face. He departed the bus. I could hear some others getting on so quickly sat up and wiped my face, I could see the guy point and laughing at me from outside and telling his friend, but I too couldn’t have been more satisfied with my journey.

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