TFG meets BrieflyGagged

A true life story.

So BrieflyGagged is someone I’ve been talking to off and on for a very long time.  That is not his real screen name, but I use it because he is into gags and classic white briefs.  Which I happen to enjoy in my regular life, so that’s pretty easy for me to accommodate.  And I do love gags, so it’s a pretty good match all around.  Sadly, though, he’s based in New York, and I’m in Los Angeles, and neither one of us had any plans to head to the opposite coast.

Fortunes changed when BG had a weekend job in LA.  He was also staying at a hotel I’ve been wanting to visit a long time, the new but already trendy ACE Hotel in downtown.  So I was pretty eager to visit.  We finally met and took a few pics, but he didn’t want them posted.  He did, however, say I could write about it, so here goes…

BG met me in the lobby and took me up to his room.  I must say, he was quite hot, and a bit younger than I recalled.  For some reason, I had him pegged to be in his mid to late 20s, but he was actually 23.  Very thin and lithe, and very sexy eyes.  I wasn’t complaining.  We chatted a bit, and I did have some personal questions for him.  One thing that caught me a bit off guard is that he was open to some daddy/son play, which I didn’t know about him, and I didn’t have any experience with.  Though I was game.  As I was explaining that, he said, “You talk a lot,” (which I do, lol) and covered my mouth with his hand.  It was quite sexy and unexpected, and I “mmmmpppphhh”ed accordingly.

Eventually, I pulled away and grabbed my gear.  He was anxious to try out a number of the gags I had brought, and he did a quick sample.  But eventually I wanted him tied.  “Naughty boy,” I said, putting a collar on him that also connected his hands behind his back.  I then plug gagged him, pulled down his pants to expose his own tighty whities, and pushed him face down on the bed.  Since he was already barefoot, I tied his big toes together and pulled them to a hook on the collar, effectively hogtying him.


I enjoyed watching him squirm.  I believe I spanked him a couple of times, and told him daddy was pleased to see him put in his place.  But I underestimated how naughty this guy was.  He actually escaped from the restraint, playfully threw me on my back on the bed, and hand gagged me again.  “I’m going to gag you like you showed me, daddy,” he said, taping my mouth shut with microfoam tape.  I moaned quite a bit… I honestly wasn’t expecting to be Dommed, but it was kinda hot.  Even more so when he kissed me over the tape.  He pulled off my pants and took a few pics with me in my briefs (which I’m not posting either… such a tease, I know!  Maybe if you beg for it…).  I did moan through the gag that “You’re going to get it, son,” but it was to no avail.

Being so into gags, BG gagged himself with the tape as well, and we made out a bit over the tape.  We also used the double duty gag for a bit, which I figured he’d enjoy.


He then found another one of my toys, the travel jack master (basically a budget Fleshjack, but a bit smaller, more affordable and just as good if you ask me).  Still gagged (I believe back to the microfoam tape at this point), he used it on himself and came pretty quickly.  One of my favorite things about the travel jack is it’s clear, and you can see their cock and cum shoot inside it.

I wanted to enjoy myself a bit as well, and I knew from pics he’d sent me, he had sexy feet.  I told him I wanted them in my face.  I was lying face up on the bed, and he stood over me and lowered his foot into my face, mashing it around.  It smelled, and it was super sexy.  He really ground it, and I got to taste every morsel of his sole.  I came pretty quickly.

Sadly, his work then called, and we had to end relatively quickly.  I only wish we had gotten to do more, but I did enjoy the little time we did have.  Hopefully one day, we’ll get to explore more.


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