Damn, I love Harry Potter land

Okay, so this post is barely kinky… but at the same time, I discuss very little of my personal life, and this has been such a large part of it lately, I feel I have to mention it a bit.

So as you may know, I live in Los Angeles.  And relatively nearby is Universal Studios Hollywood (not to be confused with the one in Orlando or for that matter, Japan… we’re the original, but smaller one).  Just recently they opened up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


The Orlando Universal has had this for a while.  I have been to the Orlando version before, and enjoyed it a great deal.  (Orlando also has Diagon Alley as well, which I’ve also been to and loved, but sadly we don’t have that in Hollywood–yet.)  I found it to be an area very rich in detail and whimsy, and I thought it’d be easy to spend a lot of time there, despite it’s size.  But since we were traveling and had a lot to see, we didn’t get to explore as much as we liked.

Now that we have a Wizarding World close to us, with the help of annual passes, we’ve spent a great deal of time exploring and enjoying every bit of this land.  If you’ve ever gone, the area is not actually all that big.  But there is a lot to look at and see, if you take the time for it.  Plus, Forbidden Journey is one of the best rides out there, even better than many of Disneyland’s rides.  To have it so close is a real treat.  We often take advantage of the single rider line, which makes the wait time nearly zero even on generally the busiest days.  I also got myself one of the interactive wands, and may even one day break down and get myself a robe and/or sweater (which run upwards of $100 USD, as they are actually imported from Scotland).  Obviously, I associate myself with Syltherin, as I imagine most kinky gay men might.  I mean, Draco is a hot, thin, blonde, evil twink.  What’s not to like?  Though interestingly enough, when I took the “official” test at Potterverse, I did end up with Ravenclaw.  Which I can accept.  But I think I’d prefer to embrace my Slytherin side even more.

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The biggest irony is that I’ve never even read the books, and I only saw the movies relatively recently.  (I did joke that when I decided to see all the movies, I really just wanted to start with the ones in which Daniel Radcliffe was over 18, lol.)  But I am just so enchanted by the land itself, I continue to enjoy it immensely.  If you’re an amusement park geek like me, and want a list of some of my favorite details the land offers, let me know, and I’ll send it your way.

A “portrait” in the line for the Forbidden Journey ride. This is not a character from the film, he just gives the safety spiel for the ride. But I do think he’s kinda hot.


As I said, in terms of kink, there really isn’t any, although there is the usual dungeon style sexiness of the castle.  I do think they guy in the portrait above (who gives the safety spiel) is pretty hot.  And during the Forbidden Journey ride, you are often following Harry Potter on his broom, seeing his backside and the soles of his shoes as he straddles a long stick–so I guess if that innuendo turns you on, there you go.  If he had been barefoot, I think it would have easily been the greatest ride of all time, because the views would have been amazing.  But I’ll take what I can get.

The last pic is a lapel pin they actually sell in the park.  It gave me a snicker, but I do agree I could use one.


Maybe I’ll see you there?  Wanna be my “head boi”?

Okay, and since we need some kink, here’s a bit to get you by.

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