TFG Screen Caps: Criminal Minds, Aladdin

My husband caught this great barefoot bondage moment on Criminal Minds:  Beyond Borders.  The episode is called Iqinso, and the actor is Austin James.  He seems to be a relative newcomer, but if I had anything to say about this, this guy would have a bright future ahead of him.

You can see how hot it was.  And if you are sensitive, he does indeed get tortured with electrodes (attached to his big toes, which is why there are great feet pics), but he does get rescued at the end.  That said, there are other bodies shown in gruesome deaths, but that’s pretty par for the course in a crime investigation show.

I also have to say that for once, the bondage on a TV show looked pretty accurate.  Wish they had consulted me anyway, though.

iqinso03 iqinso01iqinso04 iqinso12

iqinso02 iqinso05 iqinso06 iqinso07 iqinso08 iqinso09 iqinso10 iqinso11iqinso13 iqinso19iqinso18iqinso17iqinso16iqinso15iqinso14

Then, one of my all time favorite animation bondage scenes, Aladdin appeared on TV.  Couldn’t resist making a few of my own caps.  Now, these are literally pictures of my TV screen… but I thought they turned out pretty good.  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0009

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