TFG Thoughts: DJ M Arcana

So a while ago I posted about some music I discovered that was good for kinky sex.  In an effort to expand upon those few albums, I finally gave in and got me one of the albums by DJ M Arcana that I see on the Mr. S site.

And you know what?  Dammit, it’s good.  Why did I wait so long?  They’re strong industrial beats blended together, so you have no awkward moments of silence between tracks.  So far I only have the first album (Vol. 1), but I think I’m now leaning towards getting the others.

Does anyone have  any recommendations about the other albums, or other artists that are similar?  Remember, I posted about two of my favorites (Byetone and TommyFourSeven) on an earlier post.  But I’d love to know more.  Contact me!

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