The hot artwork of Final-Fantaisies

I ran into this profile on DeviantArt, and it’s one of the hottest things I’ve run across.  He’s based in France, and draws mostly superheros and Princes barefoot, and sometimes engaging in foot fetish activities.

I’ve posted many of his pics on my other blog,, but I’ll share a few faves of mine here as well.

batman_and_robin_enjoying_feet_by_final_fantaisies-d72ycbn BdyvrQXCEAATJ-A.jpg large lunch_time_for_prince_philip_by_final_fantaisies-d8h047a philip_self_lick_by_final_fantaisies-d9avsbd aladdin_by_final_fantaisies-d8fitrp disney_trio_by_final_fantaisies-d71sv1m robin_tickled_by_final_fantaisies-d747y54 spider_man_captured_2_by_final_fantaisies-d78nci8 spider_man_captured_by_final_fantaisies-d78mz02 the_royal_treatment_by_final_fantaisies-d5hlunk welcome_to_prince_hans_from_frozen_by_final_fantaisies-d7ebtl3

Insanely hot, right?  He uses Princes a lot, especially my personal fave, Prince Philip (from Sleeping Beauty).  I started thinking about him, because I actually ran into this photo online:

Cjrf1h4UYAEAlpd.jpg large

And I realized it was the same pose as the Aladdin pic (another fave of mine!  I have a lot from him).


I actually contacted Final-Fantaisies, and he gave me his permission to post about all his pics and this discovery of mine.  He also said he not only knows both of my blogs, but often searches them for inspiration!  If you want to see more of his work, visit his DeviantArt profile here, and tell him I sent you!

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