TFG Exlcusive: LL_slavej puts on a slutty show

LL_slavej needed to be punished long term.  So I wanted him to be in chastity for a week.  While he can be locked up, he can’t wear it at work, because it shows to much.  But I have plans for that, as you’ll see.  And you’ll also he how he’ll put on a show for me.  So that he can be humiliated for me, and all of you.

IMG_0092 IMG_0094IMG_0064IMG_0095IMG_0096IMG_0097IMG_0090IMG_0098ll_slavej logo IMG_0099IMG_0100IMG_0101

Below is a sampling of some of the pics he sent me during the night.  A few are for my eyes only… but you can see what a whore he is.


I had one last instruction for him…



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