Blog Birthday/Tickled Movie/New “Cyber” tag for cyber Doming post

So incredibly enough, as of this week, I have been blogging for 11 years.  Let’s say that again.

Eleven years.

Admittedly, the first few were pretty dry.  At the time, I had a fledgling website, and because my programming skills were pretty week, it was easier to blog about updates I did to the site than to actually add them to the site itself.  I’d occasionally talk about my life and guys I was dating, but that was about it.  As times and formats changed, I realized it’d be easier to just put all my content into a blog format.  This allowed me to post daily (despite a few breaks) since about 2009/2010.

Like many great things, this wasn’t planned from the beginning.  It just sort of organically happened.  And because of it, I’ve had a great time talking with like minded kinky people from all over the world.  It’s been pretty incredible.

How many kinky blogs do you know that have been around this long?  Thanks to all of you for your support!

And if you want to read even more about the history of this blog, click here and scroll down.

Tickled Movie

Admittedly I’m a bit late to the party, but I finally got to see the Tickled movie.  Since this is primarily a kinky foot/bondage blog, I’ll get this out of the way right off the top:  there are a few scenes of tickling play where you get to see feet.  But it is not the focus of the movie, so you shouldn’t go in expecting that.  In fact, as the movie progresses, I actually began to feel sorry for the models, because much of what was posted was without their consent, which is a very different matter.  People who do this sort of this should be doing so willingly, and not blackmailed into it.  Which is the theme the movie explores, and it gets very strange and dark for most of the film.  I don’t have a lot more to say about the movie that hasn’t already been said, but I do very much appreciate that Rich from My Friend’s Feet is portrayed is a well deserved light.  And I say that having hardly talked with him much, but having much respect for his work.

I think the interesting part is that during the premier in Los Angeles, the two main subjects of the film were there at the Q & A that followed, and there was a rather heated confrontation.  They’ve also began their own site to try to discredit the film.  I haven’t delved into every aspect of it, but it seems to me like they can’t see the forest for the trees.  I almost felt sorry for them until they stated that what Rich does is pornography, and theirs isn’t.  And not gay.

As many of us know, Rich’s site is not pornography.  Erotic and fetish positive, yes.  But not explicit pornography.  No one gets naked, nor is there any sort of sex whatsoever.  Yes, they do take their shirts off.  But so do guys at the beach, and I wouldn’t call that pornography.  The fact they seem to so adamantly deny it’s gay or homoerotic at all is what’s so absolutely strange to me.  There seems to be some deeply seated self-loathing here, and in a way, it’s rather sad.

“Cyber” tag

I actually already reported this, but it was at the very bottom of a very large post, so I’m stating it again.

I have really been enjoying all my cyber slaving. If you are into verbal, I must say, I believe I’ve become quite good at it. And these are real life, real time sessions, which makes them even hotter to read. I’ve pretty much been updating my cyber slaving adventures each Wednesday, and they are quite numerous. Lots of fun times abusing LL_slavej (Lowest of the Low), PAW_ss (Pathetic And Worthless straight slave), SockBitchSlave, Freezeman, newbie JamesT, and classics like S & M slave (a Straight & Married guy–he was fascinating to work with) and SBS_justin (Slave Bitch Slut), even though I’ve lost touch with them.

I realized it was hard to find older posts, so I’ve updated this blog with a tag for all my cyber posts, which you can click on or at the sidebar on the right. Do keep in mind I have both Categories and Tags… so far, this is a Tag. Though if this keeps up (and I do believe it will… there’s quite a pool of cyber slaves out there), I may eventually upgrade it. But in the meantime, you can now find all the cyber posts in one click.

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