Guests, Friends, and Stars

Just an assortment of pics from people that I think should be credited.  First up, TheUAJock sent me some pics of some of his recent victims.  He allowed me to share them here.  These are not me, but we’ll get to that eventually…

IMG_9959 IMG_9960 IMG_9953 IMG_9954

Next, the always sexy and hot GayComicGeek teases us a bit more with pics of his feet.  It’s not much, but still drool worthy, especially the view of his legs.  He seems to be slowly embracing the fact that his feet are totally turning many of us on as much as the rest of his body.


Next, the very kinky Sweathound allows me to share him going to town on some yummy bare feet.  This is even more of a treat, because as his name implies, he usually is more focused on the socks (which is sexy too!).  So barefoot worship is relatively rare from him.

Cib3zptWEAAZsEx.jpg large

My friend gagged_feet allowed me to post this insanely delicious pic.

Foot Edit

Finally, one that may need no introduction, Christian Wilde.  I’ve never actually met or talked with him (though I’d love to change that!), but I think he’s a pretty hot guy, with super sexy feet to boot.  But I like what he’s done with this sub.



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