TFG Exclusive: NaveKink, Part 4

Can’t go wrong with being mummified, can you?  I will confess this wasn’t my best work, but I only had limited time left.

Gear used:  Collar, Leash Lead Gag, Spandex hood, Hitachi Magic Wand

NaveKink (55) NaveKink (56) NaveKink (55)NaveKink (54)NaveKink (53)

NaveKink (57) NaveKink (58)

Tied his toes to his cock and balls, to make sure I could enjoy the view

NaveKink (59) NaveKink (60) NaveKink (61)

And who doesn’t like a Hitachi Magic Wand on their rock hard cock?  I haven’t had any complaints yet…

NaveKink (62) NaveKink (63) NaveKink (64) NaveKink (65)

But before he could shoot his load, I felt his entire body should be fully encased.  Head and feet.  And that made him cum… quite a bit, as you can see below…

NaveKink (66) NaveKink (67) NaveKink (68)

Sadly, I’m rarely in the area where I got to meet this guy.  We’d love to meet again, but not sure if it’s in the cards.  By the time you’ve read this, he’ll have moved to a very kinky area (though sadly, not near me), so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him via other Doms.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet him!  And believe me, if we do meet again, I’ll be sure to share more pics.  Hope you enjoyed!

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