TFG vs GayComicGeek! The trailer

So I posted a few tweets about a fairly well-known internet celebrity that I got to meet.

A few of your figured it out.  And yes, I got to meet, tie up, and see the feet of the GayComicGeek!


If you don’t know him, I’ve included some pics below (not mine, just from his site) so you can see what you’ve been missing out on.  A true comic geek based in Miami, he’s been looking to experience a bit more bondage.  And while he doesn’t have a foot fetish of his own, he’s acknowledged that many of his fans (like me!) have been wanting to see his 10.5 sized feet.  I did, and it was awesome.

And for those of you who may have forgotten, but I do have a thing for superhero bondage.  So much so, I began a second blog called  So this was quite a thrill for me.

He was in San Diego for this small event called Comic Con.  Obviously if you’re a geek, that’s going to keep you pretty damn busy.  So I was amazed he was able to fit a meet into his schedule at all.  Our time was short, but we made the most of it with pics of him in:

  • Spiderman caught and tied in a web
  • Battled scarred Spiderman (torn up costume) standing up spread-eagled
  • Nightwing in both a rope body harness and yoke
  • And… well… *ahem* just underwear.  Spiderman boxer briefs.  He may have been hogtied, ballgagged, and barefoot as well.


So now I know you’re dying to see the pics.  They are being worked on by a friend of his to include some graphic, comic details.  This was a different sort of shoot.  I will have to confess these pics were done with an intentional bit of tongue-in-cheek feel.  It was not an intense, serious, slave style bondage scene.  Since his passion is comics, not to mention our time constraints (we only had 2 hours) we kept it very light, and did our best to honor the comic feel.  I we attempted to recreate the look of this famous Spiderman pic.


Once the pics are ready–and keep in mind, it may be a while, there were a lot to go through–I will be posting highlights both here and at CapturedHeroesBlog.  But I will say that I have donated the bulk of these pics to his Patreon site, which he created to help support himself.  If you weren’t aware, some time ago, he actually lost his job as a direct result of his blog (he openly reviews porn, and they didn’t like that), and he’s primary using the site to support himself.  I felt it was important to help him do so.

Hope you’ll visit his site once they’re up!  I will say that I did not let the foot guys down… I made certain his bare feet showed in a good number of pics.  So you’d definitely get your monies worth.  Remember, none of pics below are mine, but it will give you an idea of what I had in mind as we worked.

13257157_238613249852583_855304339_n 13388719_709321272552435_1534311372_n 13392730_1091134877646583_476947065_n 13432291_1117357438336617_5651298089136877052_n 13776044_1147892631949764_7385987723105564626_n

His tops. This was taken from his profile. I got to see his soles.

And yes, he is just as hot and nice as you’d expect him to be in person.  😀

We’ll keep you posted as to when the pics will be ready!  I may be posting teasers to my twitter, so keep an eye on that just in case.

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