TFG Exclusive: Oslut gets trained

I was traveling, and was talking with this new slave.  We were hoping to meet, and this was a portion of our conversation.  Posted with his permission, and a bit of editing.  And you do get a small preview of me, so enjoy that.  But he really knew how to be a good slave.  Our conversation began with the idea of him getting tied up, then with me leaving him there while I left for another engagement (which was more fantasy talk than reality… to be honest that would be rather unsafe, though I did contemplate some “escape plans” for him should it have happened).

Osult (1) Osult (2) Oslut (3) Oslut (4)Oslut (5)Oslut (6)Oslut (7)Oslut (8)Oslut (9)Oslut (10)Oslut (11)Oslut (12)Oslut (13)Oslut (14)Oslut (15)

Sadly, it must be confessed that we didn’t get a chance to meet.  But perhaps in the future.  In any case, the cyber play was fun!

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