TFG Exclusive: SockSucker, Part 1

SocksSucker is a 23 yo guy with size 10 feet who’s actually been a longtime fan of this blog.  It was very cool to meet up with someone so well versed in my work!  And as his name implies, he’s very much into rancid, nasty, very used smelling socks.  And since my feet can get pretty putrid, it seemed like a good match.

He didn’t want his face shown in any pics, but he didn’t mind pics of his feet, nor a brief description of our scene.  It should be noted that we did chat and meet in person first to discuss our interests and limits, so it was all discussed beforehand, and I did do frequent checks during the scene.  I don’t include them in my description below to maintain the hotness of the story, but rest assured they did happen.

First off, we talked a bit via text about our specific interests and limits.  During the course of those texts, he wrote me with this:

It’s safe to say I was intrigued, and quite turned on.  Sadly, I didn’t have time to make the cup as full as I would’ve liked, but I did have a cup that was about 1/2 inch full of my spit.  I can also say that we ended up meeting about 3-4 days later, so my socks were a week old and were out all day in the heat, so they were pretty bad.

When he first came into my hotel room, I immediately force him to stand with his hands against the door.  I frisked and fondled him a bit, and then took off my shoe (which had been percolating for about a week) and made him sniff shoe.  To make it even more humiliating for him, I then ordered him to hold shoe against door with face, similar to the pic below.  Then I removed the shoe and held the spit cup up to his nose to make him sniff it.  It stank, and he moaned.

I then had him remove his shoes, and I hogtied him in his socks.  We both liked smelly socks, and his didn’t disappoint.  He really wanted to sniff mine, but I didn’t make it easy for him.  While he was hogtied face down on his stomach, I stood over his head, with one stinking socked foot on each side of his face.  So close to his face, but not quite able to bury his face in him.  It was agony for him, and he was nearly begging to sniff them.  But I wanted him on the edge, so instead I took off one of his own socks socks and  made him sniff it and stuff it in his mouth.  It also took the chance to enjoy his feet a bit, which did stink, which you can see below…

socksucker (1)socksucker (2)socksucker (3)socksucker (4)

But am I finished with him?  Of course not!  See and read more next time…

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