Yet another straight guy

I feel that because I’m in a committed relationship, where I do like to play but am not interested in outside sex (in the oral or anal sense), it makes me a relatively safe contact for straight guys.  Got this email (posted with permission, name redacted):

Hello there, TFG!
I’m reading your blog since a while, and in all honestly, the latest posts made me write an email for you.
Catch’s that I’m straight. In my 20’s. I get really aroused by men being in dominance, also from male feet. I can get off on it. While I never did this before, hope you could teach me the basics and make me submit.

I replied as follows:

Hey, glad to hear from you!  Thanks for being a reader of the blog.  You are definitely not the first straight guy to write me.  I have a entire tag dedicated to all the straight guys who have written me before, and I’m beginning to think it’s more common that most realize.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

But you wrote me because you know you need to be put in your place, don’t you?  That you secretly know that being told what to do is your lot in life.  And that you’re not as alpha as most other think.  What you really crave is being made to grovel at a man’s feet, and be forced to sniff and lick them.  Isn’t that right?  Gave you boner, didn’t it?  If so, then I guess you belong to me…

So it’s time for you to tell me more about yourself, lowly slave.  Where are you located?  And can you send me any pics of yourself?  Doesn’t have to be face, but body and feet would be hot.  This way I will know exactly what I get to abuse…

Thanks for the reply. I’ve noticed some straight guys write to you, so I decided to do the same.
You can post my email, sure.
I honestly did get get a boner, reading it and most likely everyone would be shocked around me to hear how I would be turned on by feet and humiliation. And the pics you post guyd being tied up, gagged etc. Just really hot.
I’m from J—, actually. I can make pics. I attached my boner.


Sadly, I haven’t yet heard back from him.  This does sometimes happen with straight guys.  I think they can often get skittish, have self-doubt, or become busy–or any combination.  I don’t take it personally, and think it’s very cool they even write in the first place.  I always wish them the best!

Speaking of which, there is another straight guy I have been talking with for a few months now.  While we haven’t met yet, we hope to in the future.  I’ll be posting more about him later, but in the meantime, if you think of any questions you may have of a straight guy into being tied up or an interest in feet (this particular guy likes smelly socks better, but close enough), you’ll have an opportunity to ask soon.


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