TFG Thought: FinDoms & CashMasters

I’m a very open minded guy, and I do definitely dabble in a lot of cyber play.  But one area I don’t understand is the FinDom (Financial Domination) and CashMasters.

Well, actually, I can understand why they exist.  To a certain degree, who wouldn’t want to be sent money for doing virtually no work aside from taking some pics and some messages?  I do realize some may go further with videos or private cam shows, or maybe even send gifts for the cash (such as used underwear or socks).

What’s difficult for me to understand are the people who actually give them money.  Who would do this?  I suppose if you were really into a specific guy, and you can afford it, then maybe a small gift could be given (though I think a gift, like an Amazon wishlist item, would be better than direct cash), especially if you have been a longtime fan of that model.  But I hope no one is giving cash blindly to any guy who calls himself a Dom after barely conversing with them.

I really just can’t understand why a person would repeatedly send cash to any FinDom.  First even if you can afford it, it seems unsafe from a privacy point of view.  I wouldn’t want a virtual stranger to have access to my banking accounts.  And second, I have a feeling some guys do this even if they can’t afford it.  To you, I say there are probably a lot of other guys you can be talking to that don’t need to take you money.

I will confess I have given some people I know online gifts.  But they were gifts, not cash, and they were to people I had already spoken with for a great deal of time before I gave them a gift.  The gift was a token of my friendship, not a demand or something done at their command or threat.

Recently, there was a tweet about a guy who ran into a CashDom who was threatening to expose one of his victims is he didn’t pay up.  That the FinDom had tracked the IP address of his victim, and knew his real identity.  I don’t know if was true, but especially after seeing the movie Tickled, it seems that it certainly could happen.

If you are a person that gives your money to these guys, I just hope you are being careful and sensible.  I personally don’t recommend it, but to each their own.  If you are a person that does give money, and it honestly brings you happiness, I’d be sincerely interested in hearing your point of view.

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