Mr. S. Cordless, Upgraded Hitachi Magic Wand

Just saw this in my inbox earlier this week, and had to share.  I’ve turned on quite a few people to the Hitachi Magic Wand, and now they have a fantastic upgrade.  First off, there are now four power settings instead of two.  And additionally, there are four vibration patterns, which is a feature the original didn’t have at all.  But best of all, it’s now cordless!

I’ve seen cordless ones before, but the main disadvantage of them is that they must be fully charged (usually a 1-2 hour process) before they can become cordless.  They can’t be used with a cord, even if plugged in.  This one can be used plugged in, in case you didn’t have a chance to charge it beforehand.

One note they do mention… it’s not meant to be used long term, as it can burn itself out.  So after about 20 minutes of continuous use, it will turn itself out to avoid overheating.  That said, it’s mentioned that when fully charged, it can last up to 3 hours.

This is an upgrade I think I may have to go for!  I’ve seen and used other wands before, but they never seem to have the same intensity this one has.  I highly recommend it!  Go get one yourself!

Cost is $124.95.


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