2 thoughts on “Naked Hogtied Assets

  1. I’m a first-time visitor, let’s just say anything barefoot, naked and hogtied gets my attention, and I’ve kept encountering that shot of the hogtied barefoot guy on the green background when Googling the magic words, so I’ve finally gotten around to checking out your site. Blush, blush, but when I was a boy, my first introduction to what I would later learn to be BONDAGE was (1) Tarzan and (2) The Phantom forever getting tied up in the Sunday papers. I’ve this year began researching this on the Internet. You know what? There are legions of perverted and intensely perverted and extremely perverted nuts out there (some highly talented) exploiting ol’ Tarzan and the memory of Korak, but nobody dares doing The Phantom. There isn’t a sign of all the kinky stringing-up he went through. The problem with a site like DeviantArt is that it doesn’t get explicit (I mean, what’s the point (ha-ha) if he keeps his leopard-skin swimming trunks on?) But what I truly detest is that awful, awful over-exaggerated muscle bondage (like dead formaldehyde frogs) popping up, like yuck! when you Google-search. Your site came closer to some vaguely vaguely Tarzan-like images stirring up old memories, so you might be thrilled (or dismayed) to learn that you are actually more respectable than you ever reckoned. Might I suggest that if you are the PHOTOGRAPHER and the DIRECTOR, go for a Captured Tarzan theme, I mean, jungle print panties (to start out with) aren’t too expensive. Beats me how Tarzan goes through the jungle with no foot covering, but I’m sure that floats your boat. But it’s gotta end up with his lolly dangling there too, so find a suitable candidate. And have fun.

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