TFG Exclusive:  Europup, Part 3

Time to really put him in his place.  This position was inspired by this pic that’s been floating around the net for some time:


I didn’t quite have that many tie down points available to me, but I made do with one for his hands and another for his feet.  It was enough to keep him in his proper place… at my feet, as a pathetic footrest.

As you can see, he enjoyed more of my socks until I ordered him to pull them off with his mouth.  Then he had the privilege to savor the reeking odors of my bare feet and sweaty soles. No escape for him.

Europup (28) Europup (29) Europup (30)

Europup (32)

Yeah, eat it bitch. He liked it.

Europup (33)

Europup (37)

Tongue ordered to be out and ready for anything I put on it.

Europup (34) Europup (31)

Europup (35)

Get ’em clean, faggot.

Europup (36) Europup (38) Europup (39) Europup (40) Europup (41) Europup (42)

Take it all, foot whore.

As you can also see, I switched from a blindfold to a spandex hood.  The exact one I used is from Fort Troff, but you can also find a similar one here.