Ask a straight guy, torment a straight guy

I’ve been talking to a 23 yo straight guy named kev521 on Recon for quite a while.  We’re hoping to meet when he visits my area in a few weeks.  He’s seen my blog before, and knows I’ve worked and talked with straight guys before, so he feels safe with me.  He’s extremely good about communication, and is absolutely willing to answer any questions you may have for him.  So if there is anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a straight guy who’s into the idea of bondage, socked feet, and gunge (his main interests, along with pranks), now is your chance.  So please send them my way!

He has met with one guy already for a bit of bondage play (sockgagged8), and those pics are posted below and available already on tumblr.  Obviously I want to make some of my own, as well as get at those size 9.5 feet of his (which he is open to).

Also, if you happen to have any ideas of what you’d like me to do with him, let me know.  Since he’s straight, there will be no sex at all.  He’s very interested in bondage, smelly sock play (forced sniffing and being gagged), gunge, and frat type pranks (wedgies, spanking/paddling, underwear on head, etc.).  It’s the latter categories that create a lot of options.  I must confess, I still haven’t done any gunge play with anyone, so that does pique my interest.  And frat type pranks opens the door to quite a few options.  If you have any requests, please send them my way!  If I use your ideas, I will send you some pics of the scenes well before I publicly post them to the blog.

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