TFG Thoughts: A victim of my own success?

So I’m starting to think that quite a few of you do enjoy my cyber Doming posts… because I am getting more and more offers from people who want to be my cyber slaves.

It’s quite flattering, because I do very much enjoy doing cyber Dom/slave play, especially with newbies.  I know obviously most would crave a real life experience, but sometimes circumstances just don’t allow for it… so better that than nothing.

The problem is, between my personal life, my work life, my husband, my friends, and getting this blog running… I’m severely running out of time to do a lot of extra cyber play.  I have a few fairly regular slaves, and I’m unfortunately not even really having time to work with them.

If you are still interested, I do encourage you to write and inquire.  Occasionally, I do have unpredictable pockets of free time where I may be able to pull off a short session.  But if I can’t, please understand and be patient.  As much as I do like it, all those other priorities do have to come first.


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