Update on Straight Guy

So if you recall from this post in mid-September, I was supposed to meet up with a straight guy for some bondage fun.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.  But this wasn’t the usual “flake”… we’ve been talking quite extensively, and it was known all along the reason he was in my area was for a work trip.  But at the time, the schedule for his trip allowed for some free time Saturday night.

Sadly, just before he left, he got an updated schedule that took that away, and we weren’t able to meet.  We were both disappointed, but I do understand that work and “real life” have to come first.  There is a good chance he’ll be in the area again, but not until March or so.  Still, if it happens, we’ll keep you posted.  We still chat, and I’d bet he’d still be willing to answer questions if you had any for him.  Please let me know!


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