Unusual Restraints & Simplicity

I’ve never seen these particular restraints before. Does anyone know more about either one?


tumblr_nzzqd4tbUf1s8tymgo1_1280 tumblr_o4qp06UEMf1uak45to1_1280

And this is a super hot use for those bags that large comforters come in! May have to try that one sometime…

These next two aren’t really usual, but I do gather that most people haven’t had a chance to play in hospital restraints, or against a web/chained.  A few lucky have…

tumblr_o5qzrnZD3d1sbuqgoo1_1280 CnUEAHdWgAAgQ_p.jpg large

And these last two pics aren’t unusual at all, although I find their simplicity so hot!  Especially the socktied & gagged guy.  Can I keep him?

tumblr_ny87n2J66I1u305fdo1_540 IMG_0613

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