TFG Thoughts: Where are the blonde twinks?

I’ve actually written about this before, but I still have to say… I would love to meet up with a young, kinky blonde twink.  I’ve always thought blondes were super sexy, and I have been fascinated by them my entire life.  Even when I was in grade school, I had a classmate named Bryan P. who was ice blonde with a killer smile.  I still think about him, even now.

In all my meets, two have been blonde (Jordmac45 , still one of my most popular posts, and College Blonde Twink).  The fact Jordmac45’s posts are so popular tell me I’m not alone.  I want more.  My thirst for blonde bondage feet is pretty insatiable, lol.

I still have a pretty healthy obsession over the now 20 yo hottie Austin North.  While he happens to be fairly built, I totally like very lean, scrawny guys.  And seeing the super hot twinks at Helix Studios only drives my fantasy more.  Even though they’re a vanilla studio, maybe I should offer to tie them up?

austin CkxqM3cUoAAKjLZ.jpg largeOlivia-Holt---Austin-Norths-18th-Birthday-Bash-in-Malibu--06 tfgAustinNorth (7)

In any case, if you do happen to be a blonde twink, and want to be barefoot and tied up, contact me immediately!


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