Thief gets mummifed

Got this great reader submission.  Here’s some backstory from the man who did the bondage….
For the sake of discussion, let’s call him Jay. He was 19 when we first met–he had answered a Craigslist ad I had placed looking for someone who wanted to spend some time in bondage.
South Carolina is the buckle of the “Bible Belt,” although in the almost 50 years I’ve lived here, I have seen society become more accepting of gays. But I digress.
Over a two year period we met for bondage sessions three times. He was quiet and reserved.
The first time we met, I tied him in a Spiderman Zentai (see TFG’s other blog). After some time in ropes and chains, I then mummified him using a roll of industrial strength pallet wrap and duct tape.  I ran short on the duct tape, but it still took him almost 40 minutes to work himself free. If I had been able to fully wrap him with the duct tape, I probably would have had to cut him free of his cocoon.

I’m just a sucker when they show their bare feet.  And don’t worry, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this.

I have one bonus set of him tied up right now in symbiote lycra at my lycra/hero bondage blog,

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