Twitter Find: KingBillysFeet

UPDATE:  While the original twitter has been deleted, he has returned under the handle @KBfeet!!!!

I’ve lately been really enjoying the work of some great twitter and tumblr accounts, and I thought I’d share a few of my recent faves.

I’ve actually known of this guy for a while, and always been a fan.  We’ve talked a bit, but unfortunately he’s kinda far away from me (England while I’m in Los Angeles), so we’ve yet to meet.  He’s openly bi, but does enjoy male feet and bondage, and a bit of Superman play.  Makes him pretty perfect to me!  And he’s finally truly embracing his foot fetish with a long overdue twitter devoted to it at.  Visit Billy @KingBillysFeet.  Sample pics below, and he also has a few short vids on his twitter.  See how sexy his feet are?  I’ve been wanting to meet him for a long time, as you can imagine!

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And he was kind enough to mention me in one of his hotter pics.  Oh, I can imagine it!

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