Shirtless Celebs

Nothing wrong with a bit of high profile eye candy.  If the pic doesn’t have a name, I either already ID’d them earlier, or I’ve forgotten who they are.

Gregg Sullkin
Ansel Elgort
CkxqM3cUoAAKjLZ.jpg large
Austin North, looking particularly hot. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used this as an iPhone screen now and again.
ClPKUx-VAAACyec.jpg large
Does Zac really need an introduction?
CnZkZn4WgAI9zVC.jpg large
Tom Daley still does it for me
Justin Beiber can be annoying, but he sure is still hot, and only (so far) getting better as he ages
Ross Lynch
Martin Garrix
Artwork of Charlie McDermott

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