King Cobra Review

So I recently saw the movie King Cobra.  I have to admit, I find most of the cast totally hot, and do have a twink crush on Garrett Clayton, as you can imagine.  And there’s certainly no shortage of eye candy.  While nothing explicit is shown, there’s a certainly a lot of implied sex, and it’s pretty hot.  Shirtless guys are all over the place in this film.

But as sexy as it is, and some lighthearted moments withstanding, it’s mostly a fairly somber and dark picture.  Not all the characters are stable and are prone to outbursts of rage.  The mood of the movie is about 10% Party Monster, 85% The Social Network, with maybe 5% of Fargo.  This is not actually a bad combination, but I’ll just say if you’re watching it only for the sexiness, while you won’t be disappointed, there’s actually quite a bit of character dynamics going on, and that’s the main focus.

I’ll also have to admit that aside from knowing beforehand that Brett Corrigan was involved somehow with a murder, I really didn’t know much about the plot (which is another reason I wanted to see it).  And perhaps I’ve been living under a porn rock, but I actually had no idea he had a whole other “scandal” prior to the murder.  Maybe that’s what I get for focusing mostly on fetish porn, I miss out on the drama of vanilla porn.  But that was just as fascinating to me.

The movie isn’t perfect… if you ask me, it does suffer from some pacing problems.  Some scenes linger on a bit too long for no real good reason, while other scenes that could have been developed further get a bit cut off.  Still, I definitely think it’s a worthwhile film.


On the petty side:  the sex, while implied, isn’t super shy.  Sometimes, not showing it all makes it even sexier, and I think that very much applies here.  Nearly everyone is shirtless for fairly extended periods… except for Christian Slater (who actually looks pretty great for his age, and delivers a great performance that really anchors the entire film).  And on the foot front, they are barefoot a lot, though there aren’t really any close ups or sole shots… except a notable scene maybe about 20 minutes in where Keegan Allen (seen above) engages in a foot fetish scene with a client, so there is a pretty good close up of the top half of his sole and toes (though it’s also bathed in a red light).  He and James Franco make out a lot, and while Franco plays a bit crazed, it’s still pretty hot.

Go see it if you get a chance!


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