Edging Site

Caught wind of a site that controls how long a sub can edge themselves:  Edge Me Please.  To be super honest, I’m not very into edging myself, but I do enjoy seeing slaves and subs tease themselves and be on the edge of pleasure and agony.

When you first view the site, there’s quite a few rules, and it looks a bit overwhelming at first.  But do a simple “test” session, and you can figure it out.  Screen shots below give you an idea. 

The first screen, which sets up the rules. Also note there are some customization options at the bottom.
Once you begin, you get this screen with a timer bar that counts down as you jack off. But just before it hits the Cum section…
You’ll see this, and you remove your hands from your cock until this timer bar counts down. Then it repeats, occasionally with different messages or directions. This will continue for about 5-10 minutes (at least in the “Normal” mode)…. until, without any warning, you’ll see this next screen…
Then a red bar counts down the time you have to shoot your load. If you don’t shoot it by the time it’s up, you don’t get to cum at all. The note at the bottom was a warning that had been on previous screens to indicate you were getting “close” to being allowed to cum… but you never quite know exactly when until you see the “CUM!” at the top of the screen.

I do like how you can make some adjustments to levels, duration, and if you get to “finish” or not.  The game is silent, so you can listen or watch whatever else you’d like as it runs.

I will admit I haven’t used it extensively, so I’m not sure how much the adjustments change the game, but I’d love to have a lot of you slaves out there try and let me know how it goes.  Visit edgemeplease.com and then contact me and tell me how it went!



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