My phone pics–the PG-13/R ones

Before we get started here, if you’re dying for some original bondage content, please note that I’m posting a small series of a Spiderman I got to capture a while ago at my other blog, Captured Heroes.  I put it there because it’s Spiderman based, and that’s where I put all my superhero/gear bondage.  It’ll be going up every Saturday for the next few weeks.  So if you like the pics below, be sure to check it out.

rpfenix-9 rpfenix-26 rpfenix-35

Continuing my series on pics I often use on my phone wallpaper.  A little bit naughtier.  May or may not be wholly appropriate depending on your surroundings.  But definitely great for Las Vegas.

I have often thought it could be pretty funny to have a chastity belt pic on your lock screen…. so that you could “Swipe to unlock…”

Anyway, depending on the proportions of your personal phone, these may or may not work for you.  But I do always like looking for pics that could make my phone a bit more exciting to look at.

Believe it or not, but the first pic below, with the seemingly slim teen boy showing off his sole on the stairs is one of my favorites.  That near perfect smooth sole and toes, and that super lean body, mixed with a Vans shoe really gets me going.  If anyone knows who that guy is, have him contact me immediately.

tumblr_nbnsrv0vtn1qg4v90o1_1280bdsm-1650-17 bolted BSnO7Q1CAAEIbx6 BZCV_iXCQAAE5lN.jpg large damien101 IMG_7391 leather-men-naked-muscle-hung-furry-hairy-beard-bald-shirtless-bondage-roped-gay-bdsm-hood-hand-cuffs-pierced-prince-albert-harness-pa-07-04-04 Pic00069 shoestoretwink (2) tumblr_mszq2eaiem1si923so1_500 tumblr_nra7pdzgoE1snmn7xo1_1280

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