My phone pics–other amusing ones

Vintage gay pulp book covers are fantastic as a phone wallpaper.  A great way to be out and proud, hipster, and even show a kinky side and still have it be acceptable to the mainstream.  And the Houdini pic is a nice, subtle way to announce a kinky interest without being overt about it.  A few other random eye candy pics also make the cut.

In case you forgotten, I actually have read the first book pictured below, “Adventures of a High School Hunk,” and even reviewed here on the blog.  There also is a Part 2, which I did read, but the cover wasn’t as interesting, nor was the book.  There is a Part 3 (also unfortunately with an not so very interesting cover), which I do now in fact own (thanks to a birthday gift last year from my husband) but I haven’t had a chance to read that one yet.  While book 2 wasn’t that great, it did have a promising and kinky ending, leading me to think Part 3 could possibly be better.

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