New 18 yo straight cyber slave, a CuriousOne

It’s very fun for me to get an email like this one:

Hello sir,

I am a straight 18 years old college student. I’ve never been with a man but I have some fantasies I’d like to fulfill. One of them is being a slave. Cyber slaving is ideal for me, as I want to keep all of this private.
I’m willing to obey and perform tasks. I really hope you accept me.
If there’s anything you need to know about me, please ask.

After a quick reply from me, he further responded:

I hope you can find some time in your schedule for me.

So I am 1,83 m tall, I have 80 Kg, my shoe size is a 45 (European), I’m white and I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’m looking to perform tasks and to give you full control of my sexual life.

I am willing to do anything, as long as physical pain is not involved and as long as this is kept private (I will perform tasks in public, as long as they are innocuous).

I thank you for your respect about my privacy, that’s really important to me.

I will send you some pictures in attachment.

I want you to know that, if you accept me, my number one priority will be to pleasure you.

Do note I have his permission to post anything except face pics. 


I then demanded he show his loyalty by writing my name on his foot, and then licking it off.  He obeyed like a good little slave.


Should be fun to see how we can torment this one, won’t it?  He goes by the name CuriousOne.

To be honest, we’ve already had some very, very hot sessions.  This guy is very eager and excited to be trained.  He’s sent me a few other pics and a teaser story that I thought was fairly hot.

I do love his feet, and he has a pretty hot cock as well.  I told him to write my name on it, and he did.

curiousone-more-4 curiousone-more-5 curiousone-more-6 curiousone-more-1 curiousone-more-2curiousone-more-1 curiousone-more-2

I don’t know about you, but I find that teen cock to be pretty fucking hot.  Later I told him to shoot a load on his foot and lick it up.  He did, and he liked it.


Bet you can’t wait to hear more from this one, right?  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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