Can a foot fetish be hereditary?

It’s something I’ve sometimes wondered because of a childhood experience that I’ve never forgotten.

When I was a pre-teen, like most budding young boys in the age before there was an internet, I sneaked into my father’s bedroom drawers to see if he had any porno.  I wasn’t disappointed.  But I found myself looking more at the guys (even though they were fairly unattractive in straight porn–but any port in a storm, so to speak) than the girls.  At the time, being gay was something not even on my radar, I just knew that the women were strangely alien to me, and the few guys I could find were far more compelling.

But in a twist that threw off my young, still processing brain, were a few porn mags called Leg Show (shown below, probably the only time I’ll be having a female pornographic image in this blog, lol).  These mags accounted for about half the porn my father was stashing.  And it took me a while to figure it out, but the vast majority of the poses the women used in that mag showed off their feet.  Over time, it dawned on my that my father very likely had (and I’d assume still has) a foot fetish–albeit for women’s feet.

Don’t panic, I won’t make a habit out of this. 🙂

I slowly made a small connection to my own fascination with guys’ feet.  Even before I knew I was gay, and even before I knew what a fetish was (remember, there was no internet back then, so I couldn’t just go look this up online), I knew I secretly liked looking at guy’s bare feet.  I didn’t know why, I just did.  While I didn’t find women’s feet particularly interesting, it seemed a bit too coincidental to think there wasn’t some sort of connection here.

Obviously, I never talked to my father about this.  But it’s made me wonder if there is some sort of genetic connection in our foot fetishism.  If all of us with a foot fetish could ask our parents, would we discover they had a foot fetish as well?

That said, it’s not a question most of our are inclined to ask our parents, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever know.  But if you are brave enough to ask, or you have a similar story to mine, let me know!

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