TFG Exclusive: SDsub, Part 1

So over the summer, I was traveling to San Deigo.  I was scheduled to meet up with one sub, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  However, I was able to find SDsub (33 yo, but looks much younger, I assure you) at the last minute, and boy, was he fun.

Fun backstory… since I didn’t know him well, we met at a local Chipotle first to talk a bit.  When we agreed we could move forward, when we walked to my hotel, he walked in front of me, with his hands crossed behind his back to demonstrate his submissiveness, even publicly.  He did this on his own, without any order from me.  I must say, that was quite hot.

When we got to the room, I always make sure my slaves know their place immediately.  Tied, cuffed, leashed, and used as furniture and a foot rest.  And to get to know my feet.

newbie-1 newbie-2 newbie-3 newbie-4 newbie-7newbie-12newbie-13 newbie-9 newbie-10

He gets tied up proper next post…

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