Day: January 15, 2017

Fan Love, CastroKinky Update

Fan Love, CastroKinky Update

So first, some bad news.  The great CastroKiny (who I once featured here) had his very hot and also informative blog deleted by tumblr.  I’m sure he’ll find another way to post in the future, but in the meantime, perhaps follow his twitter for updates. 

On a much better note, I was traveling out of state to visit family, and while surfing Recon, I got these very kind messages.  They are being shared with their permission.  They were both okay with their names being shared, but not their profile pics.

So this guy is very into super smelly, reeking socks.  He doesn’t mind feet as well.  I asked him to share some more pics with me, and he sent these (again, posted with permission).  Did I mention he’s 19?

Also got this very kind message shortly after:

Naturally, I asked for pics again (haha), but she agreed.  Notice I said she… this was from a male to female transgender (21), which I think is very cool.  Still can be into smelly feet!  Again, all that info was shared with her blessing.  I love that I can reach a variety of kinksters!  Thanks to both of them for their support.

As you can see, I love hearing from fans!  Feel free to contact me any time here.