Day: January 29, 2017

TFG Thoughts:  Meet frustrations

TFG Thoughts: Meet frustrations

So recently I took a trip to San Francisco.  I did have some kinky meets planned, but I’ve been around to enough to know how it goes, and to never rely on them.

Well, good thing.  They all ended up flaking.  Including one that I was really looking forward too… just a week before my trip, I had heard from a 24 yo straight guy in the San Francisco area who was interested in both bondage and stinking, reeking socks and feet.  Who wouldn’t want to pass that one up?  We chatted quite a bit, but unfortunately due to a personal emergency, he wasn’t able to make it.  Despite how this sounds, I do tend to believe this one… to his credit, he remained very communicative and seemed honestly remorseful it didn’t work out.  We have even stayed in touch afterwards, which is unusual, and makes me think this was a real situation.  I do hope to be up in the area again (for a very short time) either in the Spring or Summer, and he’ll be a priority if so.  Along with another twink I’ve been wanting to play with in the Sacramento area.  And there’s also a small chance he may visit LA… so here’s hoping!  I’ll definitely keep you posted.

I was also hoping to meet socially with a prominent blogger in the area, but that also didn’t work out.  He has a busy schedule, though, so while disappointed, I wasn’t counting on that one.  I do hope to run into him again later as well.

But something else unexpected I noticed while I was searching for other possible meets via Recon.  Nearly everyone I saw in San Francisco was an older Dom.  (Granted, I am using filters for Bondage, Feet, and Masters & Slaves, so maybe that excluded other profiles.)  I was looking for twink subs, and they were essentially nowhere to be found.  The few I did find were non responsive, which is another common issue I have when I visit the area.  Nothing against Doms, of course, but when doing a meet, I prefer to be the Dom unless I know the person very well.  So in that sense, Doms were out.

So where are the twink subs?  Are they no longer using Recon?  Or are there just aren’t many, at least on Recon?  I don’t know the answers to those questions, and if anyone does have any insights, or have other experiences up there, let me know.

Just so the trip wasn’t a total loss, I did make a visit to Mr. S, and got this muscle shirt.  I must say, my arms still look pretty good, lol.  And of course I had to do it barefoot. Another reason to visit my twitter.  Which, by the way, is approaching 800 followers! If I reach that, perhaps I’ll share with you the devious plan I had for the above mentioned straight guy… (UPDATE:  I’ve since reached that goal! But do I really want to give that away yet…) 

And a few funny pics with a kinky edge to them.  The first is in the bathrooms of the tourist attraction The San Francisco Dungeon.  No, it isn’t kinky at all (well, a tiny hint of it, but it’s pretty weak in that regard… think of it more as a educational haunted house–but still fun as a tourist trap).  The second is from their Madame Tussauds, and is a figure of Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook, and lives in that area)… but I liked they posted him barefoot.  Yes, that’s a wax figure foot!

Of course, I now have a coda to this story.  Once I returned home, I found a deluge of cruises from local guys.  And I now have a nearly week long schedule of play dates set up, with guys that seem reliable.  One of which I have played with before–haven’t posted his pics here yet (been saving them), but he was young, cute, super hot, and great slave–and we had great chemistry.  I’ve chosen him to do my very first overnight scene with.  So I guess you just never know!  (ANOTHER UPDATE:  If you follow my twitter, you know that meet just happened, and it was super hot!)