Zach’s initiation

Got to have a quick, introductory cyber play session with new slave Zach.  Yes, it was during the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November.  It takes time to get these posted, lol.  It was short, but memorable…

Do keep in mind that while he doesn’t mind the texts being shared, he didn’t want the pics to be shown.  Hence the blurring.

zach-3 zach-4 zach-5 zach-6 zach-7 zach-8 zach-9 zach-10 zach-11 zach-1zach-12

I actually have since gotten to meet this slave in person.  It was only social, we unfortunately didn’t have time for a scene.  But I can say that even so, he did manage to find himself with my smelly shoe shoved in his face, he got to quickly lick my bare foot, and not only did I force him to sniff and stuff my rancid sock in his mouth, I rubbed it all over his little faggoty face so he could enjoy the stench his drive home.  I’m a giver like that.

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